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You are very special to me and I would love the opportunity to meet you.

Please fill out the form bellow and I will get back to you asap.

It would be very helpful if you could send me at least two time options
e.g. Monday at 2pm for one hour or Wed at 7pm for two hours.

I am happy for you to share your questions with me.
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I lease out the front room of a friends premises that is at a very central location. No one will have any idea as to why you might be going in and out of that building so being seen will not be a problem for you. I will release then address once you contact me.

I am exceptionally discrete, it is a part of my business.
If I see you out I will say Hi but I will never let on where I know you from.

However, for my safety I always let the building security company know when I will be there so that they can make a phone call at the end of our session, this is for my safety. I do assume that everyone coming to me is special and lovely, but I have kept this service just in case. 

1 Hour : $120.00

E :
M :   0412 147 917

At the moment I can be flexible with time. Including days, evenings and weekends.

Please allow for some flexibility in regards to your preferred appointment time as I
am getting busier!