Your Intimate Companion

Alone again, now what?

Oh Wow...Are all of your married male friends are jealous of your freedom right now, but maybe you're thinking, this isn't as much fun as you thought it would be!

I am sure that this can't be an easy time for you and perhaps you have missed the intimate times that you once shared with the one you loved.

I'm wondering, do the wonderful intimate times seem like such a long time ago.

...are you starting to feel very down and out? have you stopped catching up with your friends? Have you become very cynical about relationships (with men or a woman).

Don't allow the past to dictate your future, don't allow you negative thoughts to dictate how you feel?

What you focus on is what you get, so lets shift your thinking around and get you motivated about life again...

Or I could be wrong...

Perhaps you just can't wait to get out there again, you are loving life but the dating world has changed...we can talk about internet dating or any of the scenes out there.

Or are you worried about your sexual technique?

Nothing is minor when it is bugging you...lets talk about it.