Your Intimate Companion

Lets Talk About Sex


Do you have like a million questions to ask about sex?

  • How do you do this ..... ?
  • What does it mean if she says this?
  • I am so scared about .....
  • I fantasize about ..... is that normal?
  • I don't last as long as I used to and she is getting really upset with me!
  • She tells me that I am to big and that it hurts, what am I meant to do!
  • She tells me that I am to small, well I always was this size so now what?
  • She wants me to do .....but no matter how hard I try I just can't seem to get it right!
  • I am always ready to do it but she isn't and she keeps pushing me away and getting upset with me!
  • She is always horny but I'm not! I have work and stress and I just don't want it like she does!
  • She says that I don't tough her right, well how do I touch her right? What does that mean?

       If you can relate to any of these or something similar, then come in and see me.